Hotel Review: Ambassador Transit Hotel In Changi Airport

The bed in the Ambassador Transit Hotel

The bed in the Ambassador Transit Hotel.

I think staying at the Ambassador Transit Hotel in Changi Airport is a great option if you’re arriving late at night and have a flight out the next day. There are locations in Terminal 1, 2 and 3. There are only budget rooms (with shared bathrooms) in Terminals 1 and 2. The  Ambassador Transit Hotel is located airside so you must NOT clear immigrants and customs. If you are coming from the budget terminal, you will need to to get your boarding pass to pass through security to get airside.

I stayed at the Ambassador Transit Hotel on my last pass through Singapore because I would be arriving late at night and leaving the next morning. I had 9 hours between flights and booked a room because I wanted to get some rest. I booked a budget room ahead of time and they wrote back telling me which terminal hotel to go to. This was a good idea because when I was checking in some other people had to be put on a waitlist for open rooms. Bookings confirmed with flight details are held for 90 minutes after arrival of the aircraft and bookings confirmed with check-in time are be held for 60 minutes. I strongly recommend making a reservation for this transit hotel as soon as you know you’ll need a room because the hotel does fill up. The minimum booking is for a 6 hour block and you can add additional hours to your reservation.

At check-in (and during booking) I was informed that there was ongoing construction in the airport and there may be some noise from that. During check-out another customer was complaining about hearing noise in the room  but I did not hear anything in my room. I thought the staff handled this irate customer very professionally. I booked a budget room but when I paid at check-in, I noticed that I was assigned a standard room. If you book a budget room, just keep an eye out for that.

My budget room was very clean, with a twin bed and tv. There was no window in the room but I hear that you can request a room with a window. I did not watch any tv because I went straight to sleep.  I close my eyes and the next thing I know I heard a knocking at my door telling me that I had 15 minutes until check-out. I asked for a wake-up call 30 minutes before check-out but I must have slept through it. I quickly brushed my teeth and packed up to check-out.

Ambassador Transit Hotel Budget Room

Ambassador Transit Hotel Budget Room.

At check-out I enquired about how much a shower was. The receptionist was surprised that I did not take a shower already. I told her I slept through my wake-up call and she was nice enough to let me take a shower anyway.

There are plenty of bathrooms and showers in the hotel. The hotel provides little packs of shampoo and soap. If you need a razor, comb, tooth brush or tooth paste you can request these items at the front desk.

I think this transit hotel is a great value for transiting passengers arriving late at night. A budget room only costs $47 SGD. I could have booked a hotel in the city but the MRT only runs from about 5:31am-11:18pm. If I was to take a taxi, the fare plus the airport surcharge plus the 50% night surcharge (between midnight and 6:00am) would have been about $30 SGD. Going into the city wasn’t worth all the hassle and time for me. Here is a link to a Singapore taxi fare calculator. I will probably stay here in the future when transiting through Singapore.

Here is a list of the Ambassador Transit Hotel rates:

Standard Room
Single  $76.51 SGD
Double  $91.81 SGD
Triple  $115.35 SGD
Additional Person  $22.36 SGD
1 hour extension  $16.48 SGD



Budget Room
Single  $47.08 SGD
1 hour extension  $14.12 SGD

8 thoughts on “Hotel Review: Ambassador Transit Hotel In Changi Airport

  1. Hi…. do you have any idea how budget rooms looks like at Changi Airport? I need only 6 hours so thinking to take budget room then normal room. Thanks

    • The photo in the post is a picture of the single budget room. It’s nice if you want a short rest and shower. If you don’t want to pay you can also find free places in the airport to sleep. At night there is a lot of free space in quiet areas.

  2. Hi. Will this be allowed for passengers who are not in transit? I’ll just be arriving late in Singapore and was thinking of getting out of the airport early in the morning. Thanks :)

  3. If you arrive into the main terminals (not the Low Cost Carrier terminal) and don’t have any luggage to pick up, you can definitely stay in the transit hotel overnight. If you do have luggage to pick up, you’ll have to exit through customs & immigration and you won’t be allowed back in until you check in for your next flight.

    I arrived into SIN airport late at night, slept, then went through customs & immigration in the morning.

  4. You mention that you arrived into SIN at night and went through customs and immigration in the morning. What did you do with your checked-in luggage from the flight that you arrived on until the morning? If you have to claim that, then you’ll need to exit the transit area, right? How do you manage staying at the transit hotel in this case?


    • I only had carry-on luggage. If you have checked baggage, you cannot stay the night because you’ll have to exit the airside and you won’t be able to get back in until the counters open up the next morning.

  5. Hi,

    I will land in Terminal 3 at night and have morning flight from Terminal 1. Can I travel from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 without clearing immigration. And clear immigration early morning, get boarding pass and check-in terminal 1 for flight.
    I only have carry on luggage.

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